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1. Pump do not run and no any sound, when apply the power to the pump:

You need to check the electric circuit and Wiring.


2. Pump do not run and make buzzing sound, when apply the power to the pump: You need to check if the power is too small. (Power supply1.5 times as much as the pump power)Meanwhile, check the pump rotor to see if there is dirt blocked the pump.


3. Pump does not spray water:

There might be many causes: Firstly, You’d better check if there is air or any other solid matter coming into the water pipe which is connected to the inlet of the pump, to ensure there should no air or any other solid matter in the pipe and the pump should have enough liquid inside. In this matter, if the pump still can not work, you need to open the pump to check inside of the pump to see if the shaft was broken, the gasket was broken or misplaced, the rotor was displaced, etc. If the rotor was displaced and is difficult to move, to check the shaft and shaft sleeve, if they combined too tight, the rotor will generate heat during operation, thus, the temperature will increase, on the other hand, the power transmitted by the magnet will be decline as a curve with the increased temperature. Usually, Within the working limited temperature of the magnet, its ability of power transmission is reversible, in the opposite, it is irreversible, because when the magnet cooled down, it lost its ability of power transmission, and can not restored any more; If it is not handled promptly, the increasing temperature will fade the magnetism of the magnet away. The filtering and high temperature media should be considered to ensure the working temperature of the rotor can not over its limits.

  When considering of the speed, you’d better check the pump speed itself to see if it is normal, and the pump body temperature is high or not, the pump has water or air inside or not, you need to ensure there is no water and air inside the pump, stop and restart the pump at least 3 times and let the pump work several minutes to make sure it operates normally.

4. Pump can not achieve required water head and flow rate when works:

You need to check if there is air or water inside of the pump chamber; if there is, remove them, re-start and stop the pump at least 3 times.


5. There is abnormal sound when the pump operates:

You need to check if there is dirt and solid particles, remove them and clean the inside pump chamber.


6. Motor gets heating when operates:

 You need to check if the rotor is blocked by other particles, to check if the power supply is normal, to check if the pump housing is broken and water penetrates into the pump housing.


7. There is large vibration and loud noise, when pump operates:

Put the pump on a smooth board or desk, connect to the power supply and turn to a rated working voltage, if the pump sounds noisily with large vibration, hold the pump in your hand: if you feel the vibration but no noise, the causes may be that the rotor deviated, the shaft hole enlarged or the impeller damaged or deformed. Solutions: change new materials; if you feel slight vibration and low noise install An-ti vibration soft sponge/pad; if you feel loud noise and large vibration, replace the rotor and cover.

8. Pump has loud noise while operating:

You need to check all the components inside the pump, such as the rotor, shaft, impeller, gasket, O-rings, front cover and the pump housing, etc. Check the power supply and if there is dirt and solid objects inside the pump housing.

9. Pump gets Leaking:

The pump housing might were not well assembly or the seal ring was not installed.