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Quality Warranty

Normally, our guarantee for goods is TWO YEARS from the date we marked
on goods. During the guarantee period, we can offer free-maintenance;
technology support for how to install, use, maintain, and solve problems, etc;
we also can accept replacements for defective products that caused by the
product itself. We also can supply maintenance with free labor cost, BUT we will charge a little cost of the material( for the damaged components). You will also have to undertake transpotation cost.

  You can send us your feedback when you get any problem or complaint, you can fill in an client compliant process sheet and send it to us within our guarantee period, we will contact you in one working day and try to handle your problems or complaint in time.
  After you testing our samples or using our products, please send us your feedback, so that we can get your comments and advice on our products and service and do our best to improve our service.