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How to use the pump

Steps of operation as follow:
1. Turn on the regulated power supply, transform the power to a fixed voltage which supplied by the pump,such as 12VDC or 24VDC the pump supplied.

2. Put the pump out of the box and find out the power cord positive and negative electrodes; the red line is for the positive polarity, the black line is for the negative polarity( if the wires are other colors, it also will be marked the positive and negative poles, please check the test report attached with the goods). 

3.Put one-third of the pump body in to water. Please do not put the whole body into water if the pump is not submersible, in case the pump burns off. However, the inlet and outlet of the pump should be in water.

4.To connect the positive pole of the power line to the cathode of the pump, the negative pole to the anode of the pump, so that the pump can start and operate normally.

5. Please try to put the pump into clean water to avoid blocking by solid, dirty substances,ect.

6. Please operate the pump witin the specifications that we offered, please see the test report.

7. Please do not move, bit, or toss the pump heavyly, in case of affecting the performance of the pump.

8. It is easy to use the pump if you read the test report, manual or specification sheet carefully in advance. Should you have any question or problem, please feel free to contact us.
1. Run-dry operation (no water inside of the pump) is strictly prohibited;
2. Pumps are prohibited under the long-term exposure to strong sunlight and heavy rain.
3. Pumps are prohibited to use in strong acid solution (PH value≤PH5-10, salty: 20%), Please tell us your special requirement, when place order.
4. Keep the pump appearance and working fluid clean.
5. Please remove the pump and wash it with clean water, dry it and wrap it, put it away, if you will not use it for a long time. Next time when you use it, pour water into the pump inside and wash it, shake the pump with your hand slightly, then, put 60%-80% rated working voltage to power the pump and test, to watch if the working current is regular. After that, turn the working voltage to the complete rated working voltage, watch 1- 2 hours to see if the temperature rise is normal.