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Advantage of LONG RICH TECHNOLOGY LIMITED brushless DC pumps.


1. Good performance:
compact size, low power consumption & high efficiency, environmental protection, safe, water proof, static proof, radiation proof, long life that over 20000hours, reliable operation, etc.

2. Low noise:
Axes of pump are made of axis with good performance, high accuracy and outstanding quake proof and tight connection of axis and shaft housing. The noise of most of our pump work is not more than 35dB, even less than 30dB for low power pump, mute sometimes.  

3. Duty work:
Sustain heavy duty work for a day with continuous operation. Expected life span is at least 20000hours. 

4. Working conditions:
Applying to indoor and outdoor under temperature 40degC.
It is very greatly effective to prevent pump from leak resulting from long time water working by stator and PCB in motor tight encapsulated by peroxide and fully isolating from rotor and it is available for pump to be fixed in water for the pump water proof.                        
The maximum liquid temperature is up to 110 cent-degree.

5. Flexible operation:   
Multiple  parameters are available at one voltage, for example, pump is made well in voltage 24VDC, and head lift 1 meter and voltage 24VDC, head lift 15 meters is available, too.
Pump still works well with virtual voltage less than voltage rating. For example, Pump is still available when virtual voltage is less than 24VDC with voltage rating 24VDC.
Multiple function design: it can be submersible and be not submersible (Pump is fixed in water below)

6. Three-phase pump :
Adjustment of flow rare and head lift three-phase and musical fountain pump is accomplished by actuating program of triphase Halless in pump making Gang-schaltung of PWM, Gang-schaltung of signal input imitation , Gang-schaltung of potentiometer. The tri-phase dc water pump is still protected when blocked and reverse connection.