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How to choose a suitable brushless dc pumps?

You must seriously look into some of the following parameters or to provide us with these parameters, when you choose a brushless DC pump:

1) Pump model: Firstly, to choose the right and suitable model
(For example: 25 series brushless DC pump, 32 series brushless DC pump, 38 series brushless DC pump, 50 series brushless DC pump)

2) Power supply of the brushless DC pump:
  A. Transformer switch power supply: how much is the voltage and the current?
  B. Battery power supply; how much Battery capacity Amp / hour?
  C. Solar power supply; how much is the open circuit voltage and short-circuit current?

3) Working voltage: 4.5VDC-24VDC (any voltage from the voltage range)

4) Power: 0.65—120W

5) Static water head and static flow rate:
Static water head---It measures at zero flow rate that the water  goes up to its  max height.
Static flow rate---It measures when the pump outlet does not connect any pipe, then the water flow comes out in a certain time. For example: To choose a pump that has 3 L/min flow rate at 2 meters height, then, the static water head of the pump must be higher than 3 meters that we can get a 3L/min flow rate at 2 meters water head height. (For more details, please refer to the flow rate VS water head curve, or ask our sales department)

6) Application environment:
Ambient temperature; Humidity; Ventilation; Use device submersible or non submersible, etc.

7) Medium: water, engine (edible) oil, anti-freezing liquid and other fluid temperature; PH value.    

8) Choice of pump performance: How to choose a good quality and reliable brushless DC pump
a. Outward appearance: Elegant design and nice look, exquisite production  
b. Electrical performance: Low vibration, low noise, low start current, high efficiency, low rising temperature        
c. Structure: very simple and convenient installation, low and convenient maintenance.
d. Regular and professional manufacturer and dealer.