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How to install our brushless dc pumps?

1. The best installation way of a brushless DC pump is in horizontal direction, the outlet is upward, (If you require another installation method, please inform us when you purchasing, to enable us to adjust all the specifications of the pump to a best working condition.)        

2. To install an anti-vibration cotton pad to the bottom of the pump.   

3. The pump inlet and outlet should be connected to a silica gel hose, if a hard objects instead, anti-resonance should be attendant.        

4. To install a brushless DC pump in a water pipe: If a hard tube connected to the inlet and outlet of the pump, the inlet and outlet will be marked with a standard thread, when you choose our pumps.        

5. No beating and throwing the pump, when installing.     

6. Please install and use the pump according to its working conditions (You’re better tell us your appliance working condition, fluid working temperature, power supply, working voltage, etc. When test the pumps, please pay attention to the power polarity, Power reverse polarity is strictly prohibited.)

7. When choose an installation place, please keep away from the strong magnetic objects.